What We Do

What We Do

Audrey's Angels provides musicians and crafters to over 100 small residential adult care homes and adult day care centers in the Greater Phoenix area. We visit the residents weekly at a scheduled time, providing a planned program of interaction. Each program lasts one hour. Audrey's Angels is a regular part of the residents' weekly calendar, and they look forward to interacting with the Angels each week. Audrey's Angels staff works closely with the homeowners, care workers, and administrators of these homes and facilities to provide an enjoyable and beneficial session for the residents.

During visits, our Angels give musical performances, lead sing-a-longs, or engage the residents in craft activities. As music and crafts engage the residents, they often become more communicative, expressing themselves with singing, conversation or a knowing smile. For the many residents we serve who have dementia, music and art can create a bridge across time and memory.

We audition and train our musicians, each of whom loves sharing his or her gifts in this unique program. Some of our Angels volunteer their time, while others accept a small stipend to cover the cost of gasoline and the care of their musical instruments and song sheets. We provide all of the craft supplies for our Craft Angels to share with the residents.

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Audrey's Angels was founded in 2001 by Audrey Bortner Alderson and her husband Dr. Robert Alderson. We began by serving nine homes with the help of five Music and Craft Angels and have grown to serving over 100 homes and adult day care centers with the help of 75 Music and Craft Angels. Our mission for the program is to enrich the lives of the elderly by bringing affordable interactive entertainment into small residential adult care homes and adult day care centers.

With the help of community support, our program can evoke a wide range of positive physical and emotional responses from this ever growing elderly population.

Governor Ducey Audrey's Angels & Seniors / Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in support of Audrey's Angels & Seniors

Audrey's Angels lifts the hearts and minds of those they serve in a way that transcends mental or physical disabilities. Through music and crafts they ignite sparks of laughter, creativity, and meaningful connection with others, turning an otherwise ordinary day into an impromptu celebration of being alive.

Maribeth Gallagher, DNP, Psych NP / Dementia Program Director, Hospice of the Valley