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Audrey's Angels is an interactive music and craft program that enriches the lives of the elderly living in small residential care homes in our community. We provide music and craft programs at these care homes on a regular schedule. Residents look forward to our visits and interacting with our Music and Craft Angels. We visit most homes on a weekly basis, however, we can set up a schedule that best meets the needs of your home and your residents. Homeowners tell us that they see a positive change in the behavior of their residents after our Angels' visits.

Our Angels audition and are trained in order to best share their variety of talents with your residents during their hour long visit. We are committed to working with our home partners to enrich the lives of your valued residents.

Clinical research suggests active listening to music may lead to improvements in:

    • Depression and Anxiety: Certain types of music have been found to decrease symptoms, increase mood, and enhance energy.
    • Sleep Disturbances: Soothing music may increase the quality of sleep and decrease the need for sleeping medications.
    • Thinking: Music stimulates thinking. It evokes meaningful memories and facilitates the process of life review.
    • Pain Relief: Music offers distraction and may diminish perceived levels of discomfort.
    • Relaxation: Calming music has been found to induce relaxation. It can lower blood pressure and decrease fast heart and respiratory rates.
    • Emotional Release and Expression: Singing may offer a method for meaningful connection, expression and release, even for people who have lost the ability to speak.

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Audrey's Angels was founded in 2001 by Audrey Bortner Alderson and her husband Dr. Robert Alderson. We began by serving nine homes with the help of five Music and Craft Angels and have grown to serving over 100 homes and adult day care centers with the help of 75 Music and Craft Angels. Our mission for the program is to enrich the lives of the elderly by bringing affordable interactive entertainment into small residential adult care homes and adult day care centers.

With the help of community support, our program can evoke a wide range of positive physical and emotional responses from this ever growing elderly population.

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